I was told over a year ago that I “should start a blog so people can keep up with you” and I toyed with the very idea since, which is what brings us to this: post number one-an explanation of the blog and a sly preview of the content to come across this space.

First, the title of the blog, Mountain Surmise. It is influenced by numerous variables that reach all the way in to my childhood years but primarily, it reflects where I am in life currently, both physically and mentally. This was my way of capturing the essence of everything I value and am passionate about-it’s about the experiences I have with the landscape and the lessons I learn from it. My attachment to the mountains is rooted in my early preteen years because it was in those years that I was introduced to them for life.

At age thirteen I ditched my skis after a season and let my desire to be on the mountain fuel my dedication to snowboarding. Snowboarding was my first real experience with the mountain but it was not what shook me pay the upmost respect to these deceivingly, restless giants.

At age twenty I climbed my first mountain from base to top hut with an ice axe, crampons, a 20-30 lbs pack, and boots that could crush rocks with the toe. Up until the point where I was standing on a rock looking across at the next peak which I was eye-level with all thanks to my two legs, I had only known that I “loved” the mountains. It was up there that I was overcome with a real love, with a real respect; it was up there that I realized the mountains had something to teach me and I was ready to learn. A few months later I backpacked the Libretto Range in southern New Zealand and bagged thirteen peaks in five days.

Since that experience in New Zealand with my first climb, my love for the mountains has turned close to an obsession. My daydreaming of a tucked away a-frame cabin in the Uintas has led to my moving to Park City as I await the precious moment where I can run for the deepest parts of the mountains and never have to look back.

Personally, I cannot fathom wanting to live away from the mountains at any point in my life. I knew before I left home that I needed to be around them and I did not stop working until I found the ones I wanted to call my home. Alas, my opinion is so end of the spectrum when it comes to this type of landscape but ultimately my wish is that everyone has the pleasure of finding an environment that lets them grow each day.

This is the basis for my blog, this is my mountain surmise.


Advice: decide to love and dedicate yourself to it