Dear friends,

I have so much to thank you for simply because when I entered the darkest parts of my mind, you were there to pull me out.

To the friend that has seen me through, now two break-ups, and has been there for the middle of the night text messages riddled with my fears and anger, my regret and gratitude.

To the friend that has helped me see the possibility in my future, who has helped me recognize that I can do what I decide is right for me.

To the friend that has offered their time and words of encouragement to me without asking for the prologue.

To the friend that has taken me out of my misery to see to it that I have a good meal forced into my stomach for the day, who cares enough to tell me to enjoy my day for my own good, not others.

To the friend that finds just as much peace in writing you near daily as you find in it. For sharing the enjoyment of conversation in the beautiful version of written word.

To the friend that offers me the advice that I fear of giving to myself because I know that it’s something I need to hear but cannot decide when I’m ready to hear it.

To the friend that does not speak a word about your weight gain or loss because they understand that you are not worried about it and they understand that it would be their place to care if my health was actually at risk.

To the friend that picks up the phone when my name flashes across their screen, no matter the time of day, because me calling is rare enough.

To the same friend that offers to call me to talk my frustrations out despite working two jobs that same day, who tells me not to hesitate to call when I need to hear their voice.

To the friend that lets their guard down so that I can let mine down, who opens up so that I can open up. Who loves me even when I don’t love myself.

Thank you, endlessly, for your unconditional support, for never pushing your beliefs and wisdoms down my throat when I did not ask for them. Thank you so much for being the ears that I fear so many individuals go through life without. Thank you for not giving up on me even when you know that I feel like I have destroyed myself.

Thank you.