Mountain Surmise

My inspiration for the blog name came after meeting the woman behind Bearfoot Theory, a deadhead that liked to adventure barefoot and write about it. She was inspiring enough for me to challenge myself to putting my endless thoughts and ideas into writing.

Surmise is defined as ” suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it” – straight from

Mountains have always been a deep rooted philosophical guiding spirit for me throughout life. I was raised near them, I encountered my first true love within them, and I turned to them in times of trial and in times of enjoyment.

While climbing the Libretto Range in the South Island of New Zealand, I came to the realization, while weighing the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life, that it was not about how fast I could climb this mountain and bag the continuing peaks, it was about how I climbed them. I struggled for years trying to come up with an exact saying to encapsulate exactly what I meant by this until I was in the depths of my anxiety and  running through one of my “Calm” breathing exercises. For those of you who do not know what I mean…”Calm” is an app that you can download to your smartphone that helps you to mediate/retrain/refocus your brain (I highly recommend it).

Anyways, after the end of my 10 minute sessions, an inspirational photo is flashed upon your screen and after this specific one, the words, “how you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top” – Yvon Chouinard. I finally had what I had for so long been trying to put into words.

That was ultimately the purpose of this blog, of these writings. They are all opinion based, the only factual evidence in these posts come from the personal experiences that I have chosen to document for the public to indulge in. Some people would argue with me that “indulge” is maybe not the most proper term to describe their experience in reading the posts but nonetheless I will stick with my word choice.

But alas, in today’s world nothing is factual unless it has heaps of supporting evidence and within that evidence it must be credible and reliable. It’s like when Facebook was allowing un-credible news sources spread their false stories, essentially it became an active issue of Enquire Magazine. For those unaware, the Enquire is a repulsive, delusional collection of written and published writing that is at large, untruly.

I chose the name Mountain Surmise because I knew that I was never going to have the patience to fact check much of anything I chose to wrote about, which is actually why I have tried to refrain from posting anything that would be “politically incorrect”. It’s such a fuss to deal with in this day in age, you can hardly say a full sentence without offending at least someone. I’m sure there are even folks who read these posts and comment to themselves about my grammar misusage. But my journey with the mountains has been lifelong, as I said, I was raised with them.

Moving to Italy was my first introduction to them but it was not until I traveled to Germany and dipped into the world of snowboarding that my world was physically transformed. It was what ruled my life and determined what school I chose in the state of North Carolina. Then, living in New Zealand I legitimately climbed my first mountain and quickly realized that this was not for the weak hearted. I climbed my first mountain range later that same year and came to understand that my physical journey was not only a challenge to my health but to my mental grasp on life. I did not have to stick thin to climb a mountain, to climb multiple peaks. I needed to have the will to do it, to accomplish it.

I love mountains for many reasons but mostly for what they can represent. Growth, erosion, sustainability, force, and destruction. They are always changing whether on a microscopic level or on a massive, earth-rattling level. These sometimes small and sometimes incomparably large mountains are depictions of our lives as humans. They are there for us to physically use and for us to turn to when we need the most natural form of inspiration or security.

So, do not fear the mountains that you will have to climb throughout life, both physically or psychologically. You can do it and you will do it in your own, glorious way. Maybe you will need crampons, maybe you will need a rope, maybe you will need a therapist or a mentor…but these things are there because life is not meant to be experienced alone.